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Respecting the land, creativity and professionalism


Acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development


Reconciling urban and natural environments for the good of humankind and biodiversity.

Les Jardins pour Tous cohésion social

In the last ten years community gardens and individual vegetable gardens are sprouting again in France as a result of environmental and economic concerns and the need for developing stronger social links.

The constant increase of community gardens on the outskirts of cities reinforces the growing interest in urban politics for the implementation of sustainable cities.

Our company ‘Community Gardens for Everyone’ offers sustainable and viable solutions that address some of the multi-faceted problems that traditional agriculture can no longer assume.

We propose the creation of community gardens that can convey to future generations an urban context where green spaces are completely integrated into the matrix of urban life.

Our objectives are straightforward and embrace sustainable development principles:

  • To support and protect biodiversity,
  • To encourage intercultural, intergenerational and social cohesion,
  • And to allow a cost effective production of healthy food for all.

The creation of community gardens is the heart of our profession. A concern of local municipalities is to offer residents a quality of life that responds to new ecological and social aspirations.

Consequently ‘Gardens for Everyone’ will enable local governments to concretise the successful implementation of their environmental strategies while providing satisfaction to all age groups.


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